Cosmetics, health and beauty from the Dead Sea sources

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The Dead Sea is a unique and special phenomenon. It is a 76 kilometers long confined salt-lake located 417 meters below sea level dividing the Judea ridge on the west from the Edom ridge on the east. The Dead Sea is located in the middle of a geological rift splitting the Earth's crust from Turkey in the north all the way to Africa in the south. This rift was formed as a result of tectonic-plates shifting on the Earth's crust millions of years ago. Its plates are still in motion to this very day. The Dead Sea is the ancient remnant of a much larger lake, which existed in the area 60,000 years ago (The Strip Lake). Its drying process, which begun 18,000 years ago brought about the formation of the Dead Sea.

The dead Sea's unique geological location below sea level, the salinity level, 3 times higher than the ocean water, the unique composition of its water and salts content, have all given the Dead Sea its unique medicinal qualities, well known to humanity for thousands of years. These qualities are mentioned in ancient scriptures and in various cultures. Throughout human history many flocked to it in their search for remedies and beauty.

After thousands of years of human experience and folklore claiming to the Dead Sea's unique qualities and natural resources surrounding it, modern science began to research these claims to check out the truth in them and their origins. well-renowned doctors and researchers as well commercial cosmetic labs, conducted researches and many experiments throughout the years and their published findings have validated the ancient claims - the Dead Sea's water and its treasures are unique and are rich with natural healing power as well as natural beauty.

Based on these scientific findings a prolific industry of health tourism developed on the shores of the Dead Sea. It combines a variety of treatment based on its assets: bathing in its waters as well as an industry of health and beauty specializing in preparation of cosmetic and beauty products out of the minerals found in the dead Sea's water, salts and the black mud bubbling in of it.

The Dead Sea, a natural wonder millions of years old together with thousands of years of human history are a gift bestowed upon us by mother nature. True to the spirit of returning to nature we learn how to extract from this wonder beauty, health and longevity based on its natural resources - Black Mud bubbling in its waters and surrounding its shores, Unique Natural Minerals composing its water, Aromatherapy Bath Salts quarried out of it, a mixture of minerals combined with natural plants, while preserving the natural qualities of the various ingredients.

The developing health and beauty industry situated on the shores of the Dead Sea has become appreciated and familiar throughout the world and health tourism industry on its shores has become a part of the medical services offered to patients by various health insurance companies. Cosmetic brands created on the basis of the Dead Sea's treasures, as well as esteemed research laboratories are now more familiar than ever and can be found on shelves of the most prestigious cosmetic stores. One of the most famous brands is MERSEA.